About Resource Well

Resource Well is a meeting place and resource center for anyone, anywhere in the world, who is involved in the ministry of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

A good well is connected to an unlimited supply of water; we're hoping this is a place of unending creativity, renewable and sustainable resources and is as simple to use as dropping a bucket down a hole to retrieve valuable tools to help grow the Kingdom of the One who brought us Living Water. At Resource Well you can quench your thirst for quality resources to enhance your ministry while sharing your ideas with other believers around the world.

ResourceWell.org is affiliated with Northland Church in Longwood, FL USA.

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Resources for Children's Ministry

A variety of curriculum components are used to tell the stories of God from Genesis to Revelation, including resources ranging from teacher guides, Bible memory verse songs, drama and puppet scripts, storybooks, theme-related games, crafts, snacks, and take home Bible studies.

Additional resources for specific topics including Leading a Child to Christ, the Apostles' Creed, the Lenten Season, and more are also available.

Leaders and teachers are encouraged to adapt materials to their specific context, whether that is a large Sunday School, a Children's Church format, or a small, multi-age application in a home church, Vacation Bible School, or Bible class.

Leaders and teachers are invited to offer feedback concerning curriculum use and adaptations, ideas sparked by the lesson for further crafts, games and other enrichment activities, and more.

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Resources for Youth Ministry

With a focus on helping students understand they are children of God made in His image, students will have the opportunity to practice applying God’s word to their hearts and lives. As they enter a developmental stage where they begin to make their own choices, this is key to healthy spiritual development.

This curriculum teaches Biblical principles. Both small and large group settings provide environments where relationships can be formed intentionally. Regular use of these studies will reinforce the daily habit of spending time in God’s word.

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Learn About The Mission

What is the mission?
The mission is simple – to support the work of ministry leaders everywhere by offering a place of distribution where resources of ideas and materials come in and go out with regularity. It is our prayer that these resources will equip leaders to help people know who God is and respond to what He has done. Picture the body of Christ working together in all areas of the world to resource, encourage and strengthen one another in ministry.

How can this website serve the needs of my ministry?
You are invited to download any part or all of the resources found on Resource Well. You are free to adapt them for your use and make copies; however, they are copyrighted materials and thus, you are not able to pass them on for sale.

How can my ministry support the mission of Resource Well?

  • Prayers: Pray for God to coordinate all our efforts so that the resources will be distributed to all who have need of them. Pray that God will continue to bless the global relationships that give and receive resources through Resource Well, and that God would use this website to help build His kingdom by equipping its leaders.
  • Financial Partnership: If you are interested in becoming a financial partner, please contact info@northlandchurch.net.
  • Translations: We're looking for partners to translate these materials into other languages and cultures. Currently partners are translating the curriculum for children into Russian, Spanish, and Arabic. If you are interested in joining those ongoing translation efforts, or in forming a team to translate Resource Well materials into your own language, please contact us so we can explore together the best ways to share these resources with others of your language group.
  • Adaptations and Ideas: Any insight and encouragement you can share about how you have adapted these resources to fit your environment, culture, and group size is very helpful to other ministries with similar challenges. Please share those ideas with the world by clicking on our blog.